Cover art of DJ Thera single 'Till The Dawn'

New single!

Till The Dawn

May 21st 2021

Let's make love till the dawn. One of the single tracks from my upcoming album 'From The Heart pt.2'

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Cover art of 'Until We Meet Again'

Until We Meet Again

Apr 30th 2021

This is probably the biggest release I have ever done in the 21 years of my career! Proud to present to you: Until We Meet Again!

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Cover art of 'Deux Remixes S’il Vous Plaît'

Deux Remixes S’il Vous Plaît

Mar 26th 2021

With this new EP, Geck-o and I want to celebrate the early days of hardstyle so they will never be forgotten. Enjoy this on high volume!

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Cover art of 'The Watchmen'

The Watchmen

Feb 19th 2021

Dark and underground collaboration with my favourite and brutal underground friend KRUELTY.

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Cover art of 'Wait For You'

Wait For You

Jan 15th 2021

This vocal, melodic hardstyle track started off as a piano ballad and as you can see it also showcases an unexpected vocalist.

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Cover art of 'From The Heart'

From The Heart

Nov 27th 2020

Please welcome my new album "FROM THE HEART" !

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Cover art of 'Starfleet'


Feat. Yuna-X

Nov 13th 2020

One of Dj Thera's biggest hits "Starfleet" gets an amazing oldschool hardstyle treatment by T.C.C.

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Cover art of 'About To Go Down'

About To Go Down

Sep 18th 2020

Inspired by good old fashioned Italian triplet reverse bass Hardstyle, this track is all about giving you the best end of the summer feels!

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Cover art of 'Endless Nights'

Endless Nights

Feat. MC Instinct

Jul 24th 2020

Even though we are all going through difficult times right now, there is no need to stop producing Summer festival music, right?

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Cover art of 'Better Now'

Better Now

Jun 5th 2020

"Better Now" is all about what makes me love hardstyle so much. Euphoric feels, big melody and heavy kicks all packed together in one track!

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Cover art of 'Alice in Wonderland (Dj Thera Remix)'

Alice in Wonderland (Dj Thera Remix)

May 20th 2020

This is Snow White - Alice In Wonderland (Dj Thera HarderTrance Remix), released on Hard Classic Recordz.

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Cover art of 'Acid Is Alright'

Acid Is Alright

Apr 24th 2020

Enjoy my new release "Acid Is Alright" where I went back to my roots. Bringing you hardtrance vibes with heavy kicks!

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Cover art of 'Feel Alive'

Feel Alive

Feat. Yuna-X

Feb 27th 2020

Last year Q-dance gave me the awesome opportunity to perform a special 10 years of Thera set at Defqon 1!

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Cover art of 'The Lights'

The Lights

Nov 21st 2019

This new release 'The Lights' is what Real Hardstyle is for Dj Thera. A track filled with emotions, a catchy melody and hard hitting kicks.

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Cover art of 'Clouds'


Feat. Aversion

Sep 19th 2019

You can find me at the bottom of the ocean... You can see me behind the clouds... This is CLOUDS, the newest track from Dj Thera & Aversion

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Cover art of 'Lost Control'

Lost Control

Feat. Sjammienators

Sep 5th 2019

The ultimate bromance happy uptempo tune from DJ Thera and Sjammienators called "Lost Control"!

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Cover art of 'Justice'


Feat. Criminal Mayhem

Jul 25th 2019

Be judged by the high court of Dj Thera & Criminal Mayhem! This is JUSTICE!

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Cover art of 'Forever'


Jul 4th 2019

DJ Thera at his finest! Combining emotion and rough kicks into a Hardstyle masterpiece called "Forever".

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