Founder of Theracords and full time dad joke creator. Creating Hardstyle music for a passion and making dog pictures for a living.

HardClassics - Back 2 Basics
Haarlem, The Netherlands
Hard Dance Revolution
Denver, United States
REBIRTH Festival
Haaren, The Netherlands
Supersized Kingsday Festival
Best, The Netherlands
The Genius Show
Nieuwkuijk, The Netherlands
Intents Festival
Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
Goes, The Netherlands
Zwarte Cross
Lichtenvoorde, The Netherlands
Cover art of DJ Thera's single 'The Lights'

New single!

The Lights

Nov 21st 2019

This new release 'The Lights' is what Real Hardstyle is for Dj Thera. A track filled with emotions, a catchy melody and hard hitting kicks. Enjoy it and stream it now everywhere!

Available on

Cover art of  single 'Clouds'


Feat. Aversion

Sep 19th 2019

You can find me at the bottom of the ocean... You can see me behind the clouds... This is CLOUDS, the newest track from Dj Thera & Aversion

Cover art of  single 'Lost Control'

Lost Control

Feat. Sjammienators

Sep 5th 2019

The ultimate bromance happy uptempo tune from DJ Thera and Sjammienators called "Lost Control"!

Cover art of  single 'Justice'


Feat. Criminal Mayhem

Jul 25th 2019

Be judged by the high court of Dj Thera & Criminal Mayhem! This is JUSTICE!

Cover art of  single 'Forever'


Jul 4th 2019

DJ Thera at his finest! Combining emotion and rough kicks into a Hardstyle masterpiece called "Forever".



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